Pledge cars in the pawnshop and get credit

Loaning cars in the pawnshop is now often the better alternative to a traditional loan from a bank. The most obvious reason: the house bank and other financial institutions are more than happy to refuse credit inquiries even from long-standing customers. For many people, there are no sophisticated wishes behind their request.

Instead, they are necessary purchases such as washing machines or used cars to finally get a job. Due to the ever-increasing cost of living, many citizens only have to go to the pawnbroker to obtain short-term liquidity.

How can I lend cars to your pawnshop?

How can I lend cars to your pawnshop?

If you would like to pawn cars in our pawnshop, there are six different locations to choose from. These are located both in Bavaria and in the densely populated Rhine-Main area, where experience has shown that many vehicles are on the road. Tell us the most important data of your vehicle to be loaned and choose from the locations

  • Munich
  • Rosenheim
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Wiesbaden
  • Darmstadt and
  • Mainz

the one that is closest to your place of residence. We need information such as the vehicle type, mileage, and any extras to determine the vehicle deposit value.

What happens at the final meeting?

Based on the vehicle deposit value, we will inform you of the amount of your deposit loan. If you agree, we will make an appointment. This meeting may take place on the same day. In addition to the car, please also bring the vehicle registration document, the vehicle registration document, all subsequently installed extras, documents, and the de-registration certificates.

After you have identified yourself with your ID card and everyone has signed the mortgage loan agreement, you will receive your instant loan directly in cash. You can’t pawn cars easier, faster and more seriously in a pawn shop.

Are cars safe in your pawnshop?

Are cars safe in your pawnshop?

If you want to lend cars to our professional pawn shop, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your car. As a reliable company, we guarantee that you can park your car in an insured building. We always keep an eye on it and ensure that you get your car back the way you gave it to Good Credit as a deposit.

In addition, we take care that your vehicle does not run out of the air during the idle time. That means: We check the tire pressure and keep your car in good condition. In addition, of course, your data is also safe with us, whereby the reasons for the pawnshop remain with you.

Can I combine cars with other vehicles in your pawnshop?

You already know that you can mortgage cars in our pawnshop. Many customers at Good Credit do not want to lend a car, or not only. Of course, we are also your point of contact if you want to mortgage other vehicles. In addition to the cars most often used as collateral, these are

  • motorcycles
  • campers
  • truck
  • Boats and

as well as classic cars (historical vehicles). For vehicles of other categories, please ask us specifically. We will surely find a solution that is satisfactory for everyone.

What are the costs of cars in your pawn shop during the pledge?

What are the costs of cars in your pawn shop during the pledge?

Anyone who lends cars or other vehicles in our pawnshop will be faced with fair costs that comply with the applicable laws. The traditional consist of three elements:

  • mortgage loan fees
  • demurrage
  • interest

The amount of the stand fee depends on the vehicle to be loaned. If you want to mortgage a car, you have to pay $ 2.50 daily, for a motorcycle, for example, the amount is $ 1 per day. We estimate the interest at 1% of the amount of your loan, while 3.5% fees are due. We bill the last two pillars of costs exactly to the day on a monthly basis.

Pawn cars in the pawnshop: Is it possible to extend the term?

You have mortgaged cars in our pawn shop and want to extend the regular term of three months? This is no problem! All you have to do is pay the costs incurred. Then we can extend the mortgage loan agreement for a maximum of three more months. Of course, an opposite way is also an option if you want to trigger your car early.

Call us and the next day your vehicle will be ready. We are happy to help you if you want to sell your car completely. Good Credit will make you a fair offer. Now you can lend cars and other vehicles in our reputable pawnshop to achieve short-term liquidity!

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